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Our 6th Annual Officer Wellness Day is Friday April 9th, 2021.


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What is AZGIA?

The Arizona Gang Investigators Association was  founded in 2007 as an educational non-profit association (501.C3).  AZGIA membership is comprised of Law Enforcement Officers, Correctional Officers, Prosecutors, Analysts, Probation and Parole Officers and others that deal with gang issues in Arizona.

Arizona Gang members engage in a higher level of serious and violent crime than their non-gang-involved peers. Gang members are involved in any crime that will further their goals, which includes simple thefts to violent drive by shootings, and gang homicides. Gang members are heavily involved in the possession, manufacture, transportation, and sales of illegal drugs, which fuels an increase in property crimes such as home invasion, burglary, organized retail theft, identity theft, vehicle theft. A gang members most powerful tool is to use Fear and Intimidation to control communities. AZGIA works to lock the gang members toolbox and to keep Arizona communities safe.

AZGIA members work together on Gang Related issues to:

  • Train law enforcement professionals on recent gang trends and patterns
  • Educate and assist community members
  • Provide maximum prosecution to violent gang members, with an emphasis on repeat offenders and career criminals
  • Assist individuals with ending their involvement with gangs, including helping parents facing parenting challenges related to gangs
  • Aid and support Prisoner re-entry programs into the communities to ensure individual success
  • Help law enforcement agencies succeed against gangs
  • Provide current information about Arizona gangs to all stakeholders, including politicians, media, and others

Please use the CONTACT button to ask for help, or to help us fight Gangs in Arizona.

Annual Gang Conference

Due to COVID19 issues we have canceled our 2020 conference.  All refunds have been issued to paid attendees.  We hope to see everyone in 2021.  Stay healthy.

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AZGIA offers training for all levels of Law Enforcement and Professionals from basic one day Gang Seminars to Multi day Conferences. Training Events >>



The AZGIA Members Only section is open to sworn law enforcement officials including police, probation, parole, corrections and prosecutors.
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