Annual Conference

13th Annual Arizona Gang Conference

DoubleTree Hilton

2100 S. Priest Dr. Tempe, AZ 85282

October 5 - 8, 2021

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Who Should Attend:

Gang Enforcement Professionals, Police Officers, Deputies, Chiefs, Sheriffs, Administrators, Correctional Officers, Parole Officers, Probation Officers, Investigators, Analysts, Prosecutors and other Local, State, and Federal Criminal Justice Professionals.

HOSPITALITY: Sponsored hospitality nights. Join us and network with other agencies.

HOTEL RATES: The DoubleTree is holding a number of rooms for our conference. Contact the DoubleTree Hotel at 800-528-6481. Please tell them that you are attending the Arizona Gang Investigators Conference in order to receive the discounted rate.



  • Waco Shooting between Bandidos and Cossacks OMGs
  • Cartels in Arizona
  • Midwest gang identifiers
  • Interviewing gang members 
  • Prosecuting gang members 
  • Tribal gangs in Arizona 
  • Gang Member Identification Criteria - How to testify on your documented GMIC 
  • Arizona gang trends / identifiers in Arizona 
  • Responding to a gang homicide / violent crime 
  • Working a gang case – Successful strategies
  • Malos Hecho – Fresno Bull Dogs – from CSG to OMG case study 
  • Using technology to examine cell phones during a gang case 
  • Investigating the Suspects (Pimps) involved in Human Sex Trafficking 
  • Crimes committed by Incarcerated Gang Members and Non-Incarcerated Support Structure 
  • Gangs and Drugs 
  • Information provided by former gang members to help understand gangs 
  • Prosecuting people involved in Human Sex Trafficking

Past Conference Topics:

  • Surviving a Violent Encounter with Gang Members
  • Using Forfeiture During Gang Investigations
  • Human Sex Trafficking Involving Gangs
  • Border Trends and Arizona Gangs
  • Using Social Media During a Gang Investigation
  • A Quick Glance at AZ Tribal STG's
  • The Black Hand of the California EME
  • Mexica Ideology and Tattoos
  • Expert Testimony During a Gang Trial
  • Mindset of a Gang Member and Current Trends
  • Female Offenders
  • Making of a Gang Member from the Streets to the Prisons and Back to the Streets
  • Border Brothers
  • Understanding What is Required to Arrest, Prosecute, and Convict a Gang Case
  • Utilizing the Tools in the Intelligence Toolbox - MCSO Jail Intel
  • Female Gang - Offenders Support Structure
  • Defense Attorney Strategies and Tactics
  • Prosecution of Gang Members Involved in Human Sex Trafficking

*This year's conference topics are still being determined and may vary from those listed above.

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